Gnome, hide desktop icons

On a Debian box, before proceeding you have to install the gconf-editor package (if not already done)

#aptitude install -P gconf-editor

now go to Applications->System Tools->Configuration Editor. In the application appeared navigate through the tree to /apps/nautilus/preferences and check (or uncheck) the show desktop option. This will show (checked) or hide (unchecked) desktop icons.


8 thoughts on “Gnome, hide desktop icons

  1. This also disables the right click context menu on the desktop. A better option would be to:
    # Open gconf-editor, navigate to apps ->nautilus ->desktop
    # Unselect the check boxes for the items that you do not want on your desktop.
    If you uncheck the volumes_visible box then all of your drives icons will be removed from the desktop. If you prefer hiding all the mounted drives but keep icons for mounted USB drives or Flash Cards, then please refer to this guide by thomasj.
    # Once you are done just close gconf-editor window.

  2. Gres says:

    Thank you! This should be the default config. Personally I like to see the wallpaper, that is why I don’t want to see all the trash in the desktop.

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