Learning CakePHP

I’ll try to sum up here some points where someone can learn how to use the framework CakePHP.

While the best and up to date place surely is the manual, with his blog tutorial, the api and the bakery, there is also a tutorial written by Duane O’Brien: Cook up Web sites fast with CakePHP. While it seems to use some deprecated methods, it’s always a good starting point in order to have survey of the framework.

This tutorial is available in two version: an online (only with free registration) and a pdf (freely available)

  • Part 1: Adding related information and services. web pdf
  • Part 2: Bake bigger and better with CakePHP. web pdf
  • Part 3: Use Sanitize for your protection. web (free access)
  • Part 4: Use CakePHP’s Session and Request Handler components. web pdf
  • Part 5: Adding cache web (free access)


Following the daniel “cakebaker” hofstetter’s blog, I discovered that there’s also another tutorial written by an IBM’s developer, how to build a wiki with cakephp. For the online version of Criki – the creation of a wiki with CakePHP, as usual you need a free registration, but for the pdf version, download is free.


Here are some references for the cakephp

If you have more other advices use the comments πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Learning CakePHP

  1. Cool.. I’ve read the “Cook up web sites fast with CakePHP” tutorial series (and it has helped me a lot in familiarising myself with this framework).. but I was not aware of the wiki tutorial. Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

  2. I’ve been a full time PHP developer for 3 years now (ASP prior to that) – over the past few months I’ve been learning and writing a couple of sites in Cake.

    MVC is quite a different way of working to the way most PHP things seem to have been built (and the way I have built my projects) – but when you persevere and everything falls into place you don’t want to go back.

    I find myself constantly checking to see if the work I’ve done so far in Cake is up to the point where I can stop using our current CMS framework at work and move to a Cake based system – unfortunately it isn’t quite there – but it will be soo, and I can’t wait.

    Personally the hardest thing I have found is the transition to getting query results as quite complex arrays rather than the simple flat results that you get from mysql_fetch_array.

    The one thing that I have found invaluble (when dealing with multi table relationships) as an aid is to simply pr() the variable holding my results array into the view I’m working on so I can see the paths I need to follow to the data I want.

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