Gtkpod and the always shuffling iPod shuffle

iPodshuffleSome days ago, I bought an iPod shuffle: a wonderful thing that change my life in better. I love it. I can load 12-15 cd and then listen to them every day going to job, while reading some books.

I’m planning to hack my car radio in order to plug it into (it’s a 7-10 years old radio), but this is another topic.

Well, as free software fan, I dislike using iTunes and actually there’s no porting for linux. Finally I used gtkpod and banshee (I will search for a banshee plugin for managing iPod) on my Debian etch.

I like listen to cd in their order, not in shuffle way. This because most cd I listen to are “concept” (like the Ayreon‘s universal migrator) . Then I noticed that when I uploaded files to the iPod in the order I needed, the listen order was always shuffle but the switch was triggered on sequential.

I discovered (?) what I think it’s a bug but more probably it’s me that didn’t know how to use the tool. In order to keep the selected layout, you first need to load all files in the local podcast (see 1 on the picture below), then order them as you like and finally select needed tracks and drag them into the iPod podcasts playing list (see 2).

If you need to create additional playing list, create them it the iPod space and then dram into the desired tracks from the iPod podcasts playing list.

I don’t know why, but in this way, I’m able to keep the desired playing order.



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