Debian: integrate firefox and thunderbird (iceweasel and icedove)

This is reported almost everywhere on the net and so here is again.

To make links in thunderbird (icedove) open automatically in firefox (iceweasel) just edit ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/default/<profile>/prefs.js


To make mailto links in firefox (iceweasel) open thunderbird (idedove) automatically type about:config in the address bar and edit (or insert if not exists) the following key=>value => icedove

Liam in a comment, point out that should be better to use the debian way (alternatives system) for setting the default browser.


5 thoughts on “Debian: integrate firefox and thunderbird (iceweasel and icedove)

  1. Liam says:

    Two points: the file prefs.js says not to edit; try Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor then click right to add the string, though apparently it’s OK to edit prefs.js if icedove is not running. Second, perhaps it’s best to specify /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser as the browser and set this preferred browser through the Debian alternatives system. That way, when there’s another name change, new/better/faster browser, or the like, it’s one easy change.

  2. scruloose says:

    Technically, when using the alternatives system, you should specify /usr/bin/x-www-browser as the command. The alternatives system maintains the symlink in /usr/bin so that people don’t need to add /etc/alternatives (which is intended as a config directory) to their path.
    And you can add a link for your mail client with a command such as the following:
    update-alternatives –install /usr/bin/x-mail-client x-mail-client /usr/bin/thunderbird 10
    where /usr/bin/thunderbird is the path to your actual mail client, and 10 is the priority of the alternative, with higher integer being higher priority. (I figured 10 was good and generous, so my choice won’t be likely to get overwritten automatically.)

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