Windows XP: Insufficient system resources

It could happen if you have more than 1Gb RAM on a Windows XP SP2, that sometimes when trying to hibernate (suspend to disk), operating system will hang up saying insufficient system resources. As Microsoft say in an article of his knowledge base, it’s enough to download the reported update and everything will be ok.

What I’m asking now is why MS does not provide it with his “beautiful” windows update?


3 thoughts on “Windows XP: Insufficient system resources

  1. I donít usually reply to posts but I will in this case. Iíve been experiencing this very same problem with a new WordPress installation of mine. Iíve spent weeks calibrating and getting it ready when all of a suddenÖ I cannot delete any content. Itís a workaround that, although isnít perfect, does the trick so thanks! I really hope this problem gets solved properly asap.

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