Green or red before a break?

I’m quite new to tdd programming. I’m integrating it n my work, while I better learn this technique. Now, I found my self asking, for which should be the better way for managing this situation.

Is it better to stop development with a green bar or a red one before a break? What about when the workday is over and you are going to leave for your real life?

Actually when I’m going to go to a break, I prefer the red bar. It’s a sort of reminder, a todo list. When I get back to the computer, I run the test, see the red bar and say to me: oh yeah, I have to do this.

Instead when I’m going to go home, I prefer the green one. I wrote down what I will have to do for tomorrow (I use tadalist), and be sure to live everything working. So when I get back to the work, on the next day, the first thing to do is to ensure that everything is still working (just run the AllTests).

What about all you readers? Let me see if the 100s visitors per day are only occasional visitors or really read what I write? 🙂


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