WSAD and XML – operation timed out: connect


It could happen when developing with Websphere Studio Application Development that you bang into the error operation timed out: connect. Generally this happens when you have an XML file with a remote dtd.

validationWhile when working with a pure eclipse it’s enough to go to project preferences and disable the validation for XML files, in WSAD it doesn’t seem to work.

proxy settingsThere some way to solve this. The first is to get an internet connection. Maybe the problem is because you are behind a proxy. If so, in windows->preferences for the internet voice, set the proxy parameters.

source changingAnother solution is to change the XML file pointing to a local copy of the DTD file. However this solution, in my opinion is the worst. It’s not portable: when releasing the application you have to change the source or you force the production environment to a physical disk structure. If you have more than one user you force every user to have the same disk structure.

What I prefer to do is switching to the resource view, create a local simple project with the required DTDs inside of it (1), going to window->preferences->xml->xml catalog (2), select the new button and add a new catalog item, specifying with the browse button select the local file from the workspace as URI and as key the remote address in the source file (3)(4)(5).


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