Debian, eclipse and exit code 127

Just after installing eclipse from lenny repository, it crashed me up with the error JVM terminated. Exit code=127. After a bit of searching and watching at what a console execution told me, I tried execute eclipse from command line with a simple java -jar /usr/lib/eclipse/startup.jar. Well, in this way it starts up successfully without any problem. Then I tried again a startup from gnome menu and everything worked fine.

Now there is still the failing about integrated browser and the fact that eclipse shipped with lenny is the very obsolete 3.2.

9 thoughts on “Debian, eclipse and exit code 127

  1. I also got this problem when I hit launcher of MyEclipse5.5. So what I did is to set JAVA_HOME path and launch Eclipse by following command:
    java -jar /home/tahir/program_files/eclipse/startup.jar

    And it works. I am on Fedora 11.

  2. Erik says:

    This worked fine for me aswell!
    Using Debian Lenny with Xfce.

    Just start it with java as proposed above. Exit. And then start it from shortcut or execute the “eclipse” command and everything is back to normal.

    Many thanks!

  3. darkfate says:

    i think that eclipse has problems with every x64 jre? so i think youre all on x64 right? a solution could be to install (extract) a 32bit JRE to eclipse subfolder eclipse/jre and start with eclipse -vm /eclipsepath/jre

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