Where’s my welcome page? (CQ5)

It could happen that on CQ5.5 SP2 after restarting the instance you see the CRX welcome page and not the CQ one.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 14.24.12

This is due to the fact that within the repository there are two Sling vanity paths both referencing ‘/welcome’. The sling:VanityOrder is 200 for CQ and 900 for the CRX one. The higher wins.

you can find the nodes by doing a search in CrxDE Lite.

SELECT * FROM [nt:base] AS s WHERE s.[sling:vanityPath] = '/welcome'

To solve once and for all the issue I remove the sling:vanityPath property from /libs/crx/core/content/welcome. Another option could be by changing the vanityOrder to something lower than 200.

It should not happen in 5.5 SP2.1 but in case this is how I went around it.


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