edivad suite


edivad-suite is suite of gimp script-fu scripts made to automatize the common operation I do. The available functions are:

  • printify
  • raw to jpeg
  • watermark
  • webify
  • portfolio
  • rotate

As I’m not a script-fu master, you are invited to contribute! 🙂


Take a file, directory (with file pattern selection), or the opened image and save them for the print: convert 300dpi (customizable) and saving into tiff format.

raw to jpg

Take a file or directory (*.cr2) with camera raw file and convert it to a jpg format. It’s also possible to webify the result on the fly. This is not done for having a good post production, just to convert many raw files into jpeg, then make the selection and then post-production only on selected file.

This plugin make use of the ufraw plugin for The Gimp. Ensure to have it installed.


Take a file, directory (with file pattern selection), or the opened image and apply a simple watermark on it. You can customize font, font size, watermark text and position.


Made to convert large amount of images to be uploaded on the web. It takes a file, directory or opened image and made it 72dpi jpg with a customizable compression and long-side dimension in pixels.


Take all XCF files into a directory or the opened image and create new XCF files with a simple layout useful for paginating a clear portfolio with text description for each image.


Dummy rotate a directory (file pattern selection) by a direction.


You are invited to contribute to the suite. It’s distributed under GPL license and you can access repository following SFdirective. In order to have rights for commit, ask through the SF project’s mechanism.


You can find all updates about this tools in this blog following the category edivad-suite.

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