[CakePHP] Alias in the url. Take 2

Some days ago, I posted about having dynamic URL aliases with cake-php 1.1.18. In that post I used the AppError object trapping the missingAction error.

When I was ready for production environment, during tests I wondered that the AppError is ignored when core debug level is set to 0. While I’m asking about the utility of this behavior, I asked in the list and searched for a solution.

One solution could be to take the __construct method from the ErrorHandler, removing the Configure::read() test and paste it into the AppError::__construct() without calling the parent::__construct(). But in this way if some new feature, fixes, etc. is distributed within that method you’ll probably miss it until you monitor each release.

Finally I opted for useing the routes.php file mapping each action and then mapping the “missing action” to the controller::view() action and the manage the code inside it. Here is a PDF with an extract of the code.


[CakePHP] alias in the url

The task was to have “aliases” for url. For example let’s think about a ProjectsController; each project is characterized by a unique id, a unique name and some other attributes. With the cake way you can refer to the projects with /projects/add, /projects/edit/$id, /projects/delete/$id and /projects/view/$id.

I would like to have an alias for the view: call each project even with a url like /projects/$name (friendlier url).

I achieved the task extending the ErrorHandler::missingAction(). Here is the code I used (pdf).

I don’t know if this is the proper way to do this but it’s working.