weekly links 2011-06

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weekly links 2011-02 & 03

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HTC Desire and Android Froyo: first impression

My company gave me a corporate phone: an HTC Desire. Most of the “problems” I’ve encountered seem related to the HTC sense interface than Android itself, however here is a list of what I don’t like of the combination of HTC and Android.

  • No file manager. Still didn’t find how to delete files uploaded via bluetooth directly from the phone. Actually there are on market a lot of apps as file manager; but why not provide it by default?
  • When touching a key too often I touch by mistake a neighborhood one. I’ve tried many times to calibrate the touch screen the problem still persist.
  • No way to close an application except calling the advanced task killer.
  • In the pdf viewer there’s no way to put a bookmark. I’m reading the 200+ pages User Guide and I’d like to put a bookmark on the page I am.
  • Took 2 days to discover (without user guide) how to import contacts from the sim to the phone memory.
  • If you put an alarm and switch off the phone, the alarm wont ring. This is a very annoying feature. I can understand that the alarm is a part of the clock application and switching off the phone you switch off all the applications but even my oldest nokia can ring when switched off.
  • When you add/edit a contact and turn your phone in order to have a wider QWERTY it doesn’t turn.

The final response is that android is a very impressive operating system but not very intuitive. While the HTC…