[eclipse-svn] start contributing an existing project

For this issue, we take my project edivad-suite as the project you would like to contribute.

The main configuration of the SVN plugin should work, however if you would like to change your settings, you coudl do it by the Window->Preferences->Team->SVN (for example the SVN Connector)..

For starting contributing you will have to do a check out (in SVN slang) of the project. To do so in eclipse, you will have to select File->New->Project->Project From SVN [step 1]. In the form that appear, specify the url and user/pass if needed and proceed with next [step 2].

If it appear an error (for example after clicking the browse buttont) that it’s not possible to access the repository, maybe you could be behind a proxy that need authentication. You have to store credential informations in the eclipse networt settings (Window->Preferences->General->Network Connection), since the SNV plugin wont ask you for it.

Then in the next screen, using the browse button, selecte the resource needed (in this example the leaf in trunk) and with the finish button start download the sources [step 3, step 4].

After a bit of thinking eclipse will prompt you something how to download the project. Sice we are starting a new one, let’s use the default provided. Here you can change for example the project name that will be created in your workbench [step 5]. Use the next to proceed.

Here you can specify (if needed) a different location of the sources outside the workspace [step 6]. Use the finish to end the process.

Now everything should be done and you should have your project ready for contributing.

I’ve found a little fault (?). If I try to create (download) the project on a FAT filesystem (my usb pendrive), the whole process ask me for some file for authenticating via SSL. Maybe something fail to write something else, I don’t know. The fastest workaround I’ve found is to download the project in the normal workspace (that on work is on C:\… and is a NTFS) . Then copy the directory project into the pendrive, remove the project (via eclipse) from the workspace (deleting content on FS) and then import an existing project into workspace that points to the pendrive.