[eclipse-svn] Quick tutorial

I’m starting here, or at least I try, a very simple tutorial on the integration of SVN with the Eclipse IDE.

This tutorial is oriented to developers, so it start assuming that you already have a repository and user/pass for accessing it.

It’s based on Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede).

Let’s start by installing the required plugins: subversive plugin.

NOTE: the list of the updated repository can be found at the download page of the project.

Starting from the download page of the project take the url for the latest stable release of the Subversive plugin & conntector plugin.

On the Help->Software Updates, use the Add Site to add the url for both component [step 1]:

If after adding url, they don’t appear in the list, maybe they are not selected in the Manage Sites. Click on the proper button and select all the urls [step 2].

Then it’s time for select the items to install [step 3].  Complete the operation with the install button and restart of the workbench.

Note, that if you are contributing a java project, maybe it’s better you install the JDT Ignore extension that automatically prevent output folders to be automatically added to the repository.

Maybe you will have to tweak your selection according to your installation [step 4].