[eclipse-svn] branching, tagging and merging

branching, tagging and merging are foundamental concepts of the SVN operativity. For their means I redirect you to the Chapter 4 in the SVN book.

Here we will discuss the merging operativity. The case presented is the one in which I would like to merge (align) the latest fixes/development in the trunk in a specific branch (say 2.2).

What I like to do is download a new project, as said in the preceding post, but pointing to the desired branch instead of the trunk. Then when asked, specify a different project name, in order to avoid naming conflicts.

When done, on the root of the branch project, select with a right click the Team->Merge.

Now in the URL field specify the url of the source from which you would like to take the latest version. Then in the Start Revision specify the version from which you would like to start search for editing and in Stop Revision specify the version to stop for searches. Generally the last one is the number beside the trunk project in the repository (if you want to align to the latest version). Here is how the form should end up after compilation.

Before proceeding I prefer take a quick preview with the suitable button. When assured that everything is ok, click on the OK button and wait for the end of the process.

When process complete it should be safe to give a Commit of everything but maybe it’s better to give a full recompile and a full test 🙂