watermark for the edivad-suite

Released a new version of the edivad-suite which include a script for making a watermark on the image. As usual it works on opened image, single file or directory.

From now you can also find, browsing the SVN, a bash script I use for sequentially renaming (actually a cp) all files in a directory, starting from a provided number, and a desired file extension.

[Script-Fu] case sensitive file-glob

Let’s talk again about script-fu. file-glob is a beautiful function that retrieve all the files within a specified directory with the specified pattern. But if you have to deal with case sensitive file system, soon or late you’ll bump in the problem that *.jpg is different from *.JPG.

In order to solve this it’s enough to think about regular expression. Yes, it seems that file-glob make use of regular expression for file pattern matching. So if you, for example, have a patter like /home/edivad/img/*.jpg and want a case insensitive matching you can use a pattern like /home/edivad/img/*.[jJ][pP][gG].

[Script-Fu] portfolio

I did it again. For the photo training I’m attempting to, I need to show at the final year test a portfolio for the reportage subject.

I have to show 30 photos paged in a portfolio. So in order to speed up the pagination work, I did a gimp script.

This will process the opened image and generate a new file with the paginated photo and a caption.

Here is the code; pdf as usual damn wordpress.

Again, I’m not proof in script-fu so if you encounter something wrong or that can be done better, use the comments 🙂