Installing big packages in CQ5/CRX

If you have to install big packages in CQ5 it can be cumbersome. Uploading 2GB even locally take some time and the browsers uses memory. Here’s a nice workaround/solution.

cp ~/ /path/to/cq/crx-quickstart/install

(create the install directory if not there)

monitoring the error.log you’ll see that OsgiInstallerImpl is monitoring that directory and will install the package.

I prefer to delete the package once the installation is completed but it’s not mdandatory.

If you’re installing a big set of DAM remember to disable the DAM workflows from the workflow launcher.

As installing packages is resource intensive, if you’re doing it on a live instance it’s better to plan and disconnect it for not causing disruption.

10 thoughts on “Installing big packages in CQ5/CRX

  1. Paul says:

    I have real issues installing PDF packages to the extent we get out of memory issues, would this help?

    When you say disconnect instance, can you ellaborate on that please?

  2. Hi Paul,

    with “installing pdf” I get it as you’re uploading to DAM.

    When dealing with large DAM imports you’ll have to remember each DAM upload/edit will fire a workflow for post processing of metadata and renditions. In case of large imports you can easily see how this could “sit down” the instance.

    The way I proceed normally is to disable the two DAM WF, perform the upload, re-enable the WFs and cycle through all the DAM “touching” each file giving the instance a chance to breath for performing the post-processing. For example suspending the touching process for 500ms every 10-100 DAMs.

    Another option if you have large DAM is to have a proper machine size reaching a 8cores and with 8GB of heap with 2GB of PermGem.

    With disconnecting the instance I mean that if it’s live, it’s better to make it not serving any traffic during the process or end users could experience performance issues.


  3. Hey – have you ever seen packages fail to upload at all? I’m having issues with a CQ Author instance where even known-good content packages and official hotfixes will fail silently when done via cURL, or will fail with an error “package file parameter missing”. Nothing else written to the error log. Any ideas what might cause such a thing?

  4. Vikash says:

    Every version of CQ , just download it for windows and mac, you can access through command prompt. i tired it for large packages was working fine for me, i directly post to INSTALL folder

  5. Nitin says:

    i was getting an error Invalid file or package while trying to install through the package manager. After banging my head for hours i noticed that in our custom startup script we had the which was pointing to an non-existent folder.

    In case anyone finds this useful

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